general body meeting

The  general body meeting was held at Kathmandu on Friday, 12th of July at 5.0 PM. Following members attended the meeting which was presided by the President of OSCN Prof. Pushpa Raj Sharma. This meeting was also attended by special invitees: Dr. Luidson Pieere (President of PULSE. USA), Dr. Adeyinka Adebayo, Dr. Patrick Leblanc, Dr. Ansenia Asuncion, Mr. Allan Berry, Mr. Dhruba Raj Sharma, Mr. Mohan Prasad Banskota, and Dr. Uday Raj Sharma.

OSCN general assembly meeting granted the Fiscal Report of the year 2069; and the activities of 2069. This general assembly meeting also thanked the OSCN  help for the PFCCS course. And also thank Dr. Patrick Leblanc for the STABLE course. Members of general assembly also acknowledge the Dilli Bazar Rotaly Club specially Dr. Uday Raj Sharma for the activites of Clothes Donations and Health Camp. The PULSE team was given a plaque for helping the OSCN. This plaque was handed over by Noora Sharma, child ambassador of OSCN.

Members attended the meeting: Pushpa R Sharma, Ramesh K Adhikari, Asha Sharma, Bishop Joshi, Sarita Rimal, Laxmi Sharma, Prasanna Banskota, Sabina Bhattarai, Radha Devi Sharma, Jagannath Gyanwali, Bindu Rai, Ritu Rai, Laxman Bhattarai, Yagyan Bhattarai.